La Presserie | The Best Tasting Cold Pressed Juices. Period.

A Revolution in Salad Dressings

La Presserie Cold Pressed Dressings are a true revolution in salad dressings. Artisanal plant-based dressings crafted from raw cold pressed fruits and vegetables. Delicious clean label ingredients you can trust. Natural healthy goodness and amazing delicious taste.

It's a new way to think about salad dressings.
It's the way salad dressing should be.


Raw, Delicious and Nutritious!

Like all our products our dressings come with a simple promise - the delicious taste and nutrition of nature. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Just delicious guilt-free ingredients.

The result is not only one of the most delicious dressings you will taste, but also a dressing that is naturally low in calories, cholesterol-free and loaded with nutritional goodness.

So when you add La Presserie dressings to your greens, you actually make your salad more nutritious. We believe it's the start of a dressing revolution and the end of "dressing on the side".

All Natural Ingredients. Nothing Artificial.

A Clean Label Product
  • Made from fruits & vegetables
  • No water added
  • No preservatives
  • Raw, never cooked
  • No artificial colours 
  • No fillers, additives or emulsifiers
  • Unpasteurized
  • Low calorie
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Vegan
  • Peanut & tree nut free

Make Every Dish Extraordinary

La Presserie Cold Pressed Dressings intense flavours are  great for creating marinades, sauces, and dips.