La Presserie | The Best Tasting Cold Pressed Juices. Period.

The Best Tasting Cold Pressed Juice. Period

It's the way a cold pressed juice should be.
Pure. Authentic. Delicious.

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Quality Products

Crafting the best juice starts with the best ingredients.

When you bring together the bests ingredients from around the world and blend them with love and care, something amazing happens. You create a true premium quality cold pressed juice. The perfect blend of taste and health.

It's the way a cold pressed juice should be. Pure. Authentic. Raw. Delicious.

The Best Cold Pressed Juices. Period.


Cold Pressed

La Presserie cold pressed juices are made with a hydraulic press that uses thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables. By not adding heat or pasteurization, that are typicaly used by most companies, we ensure that we retain the maximum amount of natural enzymes, nutrients, flavours and taste. You get the highest nutrition, the most vitamins and protein possible.


Amazing taste.

By carefully selecting exclusive, small harvest fruits and vegetables from the best local sources and from around the world, then picking them only at the peak of ripeness we can create the most intense flavours. The perfect balance of intensity and aroma. The perfect premium quality cold pressed juice.

But we don't stop there. By not adding water, sugar and never using pasteurization we create a taste that is transformational in nature, because it is made by nature. A taste that can only come from 100% raw fruits, vegetables and roots.

We’re for those who seek the perfect blend of taste and health. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just the best. Period.


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About Us

La Presserie makes delicious cold pressed juices crafted in small batches from the highest quality fruits and vegetables. Our cold pressed juices have no added water, no added sugar and are never pasteurized. Our promise is to offer the best tasting cold pressed juice. Period.

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