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La Presserie Cocktail Recipes

Amazing cocktails inspired by La Presserie cold pressed juices

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Want to add a dash of wow to your next evening ?

Inspired by the incredible flavour of La Presserie cold pressed juices, award-winning mixologist Stefano Pilla, co-founder of Drinksmith Toronto, has created eight delicious, easy-to-make, Instagramable cocktails, that will delight tastebuds and elevate any party.

La Presserie Exclusive Cocktail Menu:

  Green Gin made with Pineapple Kale

  Muddled Bourbon made with Raspberry Pomegranate

  Maple Shaker made with Orange Passion Fruit

  Fab Four made with Carrot Orange

  Beet The Clock made with Beet Carrot

  Pressed Martini made with Apple Spinach

   Play With Fire made with Tomato Orange

  Cancun Half-Moon made with Pineapple Grapefruit

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